FLY Money Magic

The FLY Money Magic is an experiential financial literacy and educational board game
designed for children, youth and adults. The board game enables learning through simulation of;

Working for Money (Income Earning):

Experience the thrill of earning, managing, and allocating your hard-earned income while making critical financial decisions.


Learn the art of planning and allocating funds wisely to meet your needs and aspirations, creating a foundation for a stable financial future.


Cultivate the habit of saving as you navigate life's financial challenges, ensuring a safety net for unforeseen circumstances.


Understand the role of taxes and their impact on your income, gaining insights into responsible civic participation.

Social Security

Discover the importance of social safety nets, ensuring a secure and dignified future for you and your loved ones.


Dive into the world of investments, exploring opportunities to grow your wealth and secure long-term financial success.

Risk Management

Learn to assess and mitigate financial risks, equipping yourself with tools to navigate uncertainties.


Understand the value of insurance in safeguarding your assets and providing peace of mind for the unexpected.


Explore responsible borrowing, mastering the art of leveraging while managing debt wisely.

Mathematics and Learning

Enhance your mathematical skills as you apply them practically in a captivating and interactive environment.

Sustainable Consumption

Embrace conscious consumption, making ethical financial decisions that benefit both you and the planet.


Navigate the banking landscape, from basic transactions to strategic financial management.

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